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Details of current publications containing further information about English Vineyards, Wines and the UK Wine Industry

Map of the Vineyards of England and Wales (2017/2018)

Map_cover_2017.JPGAn ideal accompaniment for the wine enthusiast, the latest fully-revised map of English and Welsh vineyards shows the location and full contact details of many of the country’s leading vineyards, with cross referenced listings by county.

Additionally each vineyard is colour coded for easy reference. It also highlights those vineyards who offer onsite accommodation, restaurant or cafe and a wine shop. Apart from being an essential tourist guide, the map is a useful educational and marketing tool for wine merchants and wine lecturers alike.

The map also shows the location of the other vineyards to show the spread of vineyards across the UK.

The back of the map contains valuable at-a-glance background information such as wine styles and grape varieties, and colourful advertisements from a selection of the featured vineyards outlining the many facilities that are now available.

If you would like to receive a free copy of the map please complete and submit the form opposite and we will send you a copy in the post.

Please note this map is currently only available as a printed document and cannot be sent as a file attachment due to its size.  An interactive version of the map will be availale online shortly.


UK Vineyards Guide 2016

by Stephen Skelton MW

Published: March 2016

5th edition of the most comprehensive guide to the UK wine industry.  Includes:
- The biggest list of vineyards in the UK, including contact details and size
- Listing by region, county, size and A-Z
- UK wine industry facts and figures
- Short history of viticulture in the British Isles
- Wine quality schemes in the UK


Available from Amazon
ISBN: 978-0-9931235-1-1 

  • Winegrowing in Great Britain

    by Stephen Skelton MW


    Published: September 2014

    Wine Growing in Great Britain is an A to Z of growing grapes for wine production in the UK and other cool climates. For anyone contemplating planting and establishing a vineyard and for those already growing vines on a small scale who perhaps wish to expand their vineyards and improve their winegrowing skills, it will be an invaluable guide. It will also be of interest to students of viticulture and wine studies. The book covers not only the viticultural tasks involved in setting up, establishing and managing a vineyard, but also, uniquely, covers the financial aspects of cool climate wine growing: the costs of land, vineyard establishment and management, and the income from both grape and wine sales.

    Available from lulu.com 
    £30.00 + p&p

  • The Winegrowers' Handbook

    by Belinda Kemp and Emma Rice


    Published: July 2012
    ISBN: 9781903872-28-4

    A newly-published guide for would-be wine producers to start up.

    About the guide:

    • A beginner’s guide to starting your own vineyard
    • Gives the lowdown on developing the necessary skills and raising the finance
    • Covers the details of obtaining the correct equipment and winemaking techniques
    • Offers specialist advice on designing/promoting/marketing your wine
    • Packed with anecdotes and case studies of people who have set up their own vineyards

    About the authors

    Belinda Kemp has a PhD in Viticulture and Oenology. She currently lectures undergraduates and coordinates viticulture and oenology research at undergraduate and postgraduate level at Plumpton College.
    Emma Rice is a previous editor of Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Book and is now an oenologist and winemaker running her own business, Custom Crush UK Ltd, offering wine analysis and winemaking.

    Available from most good bookshops and online retailers, or via the publishers, Posthouse Publishing.

  • UK Vineyards Guide 2010

    by Stephen Skelton MW


    Published: December 2009
    ISBN: 978-0-9514703-4-3

    The most comprehensive and indepth guide to the UK wine industry:

    • History of viticulture in the British Isles from pre-Roman times up to the modern day
    • Viticulture and vinification techniques
    • Vine varieties
    • A guide to vineyards in the UK, the Channel Isles and Republic of Ireland

    Available from lulu.com
    Price: £22.95 + postage and packing.

  • The Winelands of Britain: Past, Present & Prospective

    by Professor Richard Selley


    Published: 2008
    ISBN 978-0-9547419

    This book - now its 2nd edition - describes how geology and climate control the landscape in which a vineyard stands and the soil in which it grows. It shows how the northern limit of British vineyards has advanced and retreated correlative with climate change for the last 2 millennia. Using the latest predictions of UK warming it maps the areas where different grape varieties flourish as far ahead as 2080.

    Order from www.winelandsofbritain.co.uk

  • A Guide to The Wines of England & Wales

    by Philip Williamson, David Moore & Neville Blech


    Published: November 2008
    ISBN: 0-9557657-1-4

    Compiled by the award-winning Wine Behind The Label Team.

    Over 100 vineyard are captured in full colour, packed with essential facts and background information, including location, a profile of wines prdocued with tasting notes and interviews with the vineyard owners. For the first time ever there is a section devoted to the industry's leading winemakers, with profiles on each, providing event greater insight in to the state of play in this exciting of wine regions.

    Price: £14.99

    Available from all good bookshops, Amazon and other on line retailers, and vineyard shops

  • Viticulture - An Introduction to Commercial Grape Growing for Wine Production

    by Stephen Skelton MW


    Published: April 2008
    ISBN: 978-0-9514-7031-2

    Since 1986 Stephen Skelton has been lecturing for the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) in London, the UK and Ireland to Diploma students on the subject of Viticulture.

    This book is an expansion of those lectures and is an introductory guide to the subject. It covers the basic principles of grape-growing for wine production and is aimed at wine-trade and WSET students, together with Master of Wine candidates.

    Available ONLY from lulu.com.
    £16.50 + p&p.

  • Vine varieties, clones and rootstocks for UK vineyards

    by Stephen Skelton MW

    Published: August 2014

    VINE VARIETIES, CLONES AND ROOTSTOCKS FOR UK VINEYARDS is "a guide to the varieties of grape vine, clones and rootstocks suitable for wine production in Great Britain and other cool climates". It contains reccomendations for vine varieties for different types of wine, clones for sparkling wine and rootstocks suitable for the UK.


    Available from lulu.com 
    £12.95 + p&p