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Astley Vineyard under new ownership

August 17th, 2017


After over 25 years of ownership under Jonty Daniels, Astley Vineyard in Worcestershire is now under brand new ownership.

Established in 1971 and taken over by Jonty in 1993, Astley has developed a reputation for producing limited amounts of quality wine for over 40 years. Jonty’s approach to reducing yields and allowing his vines to age gracefully (most notably the original planting of Astley’s unique grape variety, Kerner) has made the vineyard an underground success, so with a new family coming in to take over and reinvigorate the business, there is huge potential for this small five acre vineyard.

The new owners, the Haywood family, come from just 20 minutes away over the River Severn, and are keen to develop the vineyard with its much loved heritage in mind.

Chris Haywood (wine and sales manager) said: “What we have here in Astley is really special. We have some of the oldest vines in the country, coupled with a reputation for producing high quality wines – it’s a dream come true! There’s a lot we want to do here, but we are lucky to have inherited a business that has long since hit its stride”

Proprietors Tim & Bev Haywood are retiring from their day jobs to put the maximum amount of time into the vineyard. The two are keen gardeners (having previously established their own orchard and designed a one acre garden from scratch) and care deeply about sustainability.

The family have plans to construct a number of new facilities in 2018, including a new cellar door shop complex, an extension to their warehouse, and their very own winery. All new branding and labelling is also expected to be completed in the coming months.