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Hambledon Vineyard Brings Sparkle To Atlas Helicopters

September 6th, 2017


It began with a tasting, which led to the British Grand Prix and who knows where it will go next! In late 2016, at an event arranged by Fareham Wine Cellar, the English sparkling wine of Hambledon Vineyard was sampled by a contact of Atlas Helicopters and due to the exceptional taste an idea was formed.

On every flight, this luxury VIP charter service offers the passengers free sparkling wine; but not any more. The quality of Hambledon’s wine was so impressive that it replaced it’s French cousins and now takes centre stage on every flight.

“When it comes to our clients we always deliver the best service possible,” said Captain Mike Burns, Atlas Helicopters’ Managing Director. “The fine quality of Hambledon’s sparkling wine fits nicely with our exacting standards.” It wasn’t only the wine that impressed the team at Atlas it was also the values and skill that was poured into making the product.

“As a helicopter charter company we have to be dedicated to detail and once you have toured Hambledon’s winery it is obvious to see they share the same principles in their sparkling wine production. The only difference is time,” said Mike Burns. This partnership lead to the wine been offered exclusively at Atlas’ VIP arrivals lounge for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, along with branding on the helicopter doors.

It is a prestigious event and for Hambledon Vineyard this partnership has come at just the right moment. Their stock is rising across Europe, they have big production plans and recently hosted their debut wine festival.

As Phillip Kellett pointed out: “I truly believe that both Atlas Helicopters and Hambledon Vineyard demonstrate top quality service and product, therefore the synergy between both companies is a perfect match.” As a big Formula 1 fan Phillip was also at SIlverstone for the British Grand Prix and was able to see at first hand the reaction of Atlas’ clients to the wine: “It was very well received,” he said, “especially when they were informed that it was actually English sparkling wine and not Champagne.” But will there come a day when Hambledon’s wine is used during the F1 podium celebrations?

Phillip is philosophical about that: “Although English sparkling is beating Champagne on a regular basis at wine awards, this good news takes time to reach consumers, even when it does, there is still the prestige of Champagne to overcome. In essence it is a time thing. Maybe in ten years?”

Either way Hambledon are certainly reaching new heights with Atlas Helicopters who are taking their sparkling wine to all the right places.

Recently announced for Autumn 2017 is a Connoisseur Tour of Hampshire by helicopter, which begins with a flight to Hambledon Vineyard and is followed by fine dining at a country mansion and then another food or drink producer. Full details can be found here: Connoisseur Tour of Hampshire by Helicopter https://www.atlashelicopters.co.uk/connoisseur-tour-hampshire/