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This section of the website contains useful information on the history, size and notable features of the English and Welsh wine industry



Viticulture and winemaking in England and Wales boasts a long and rich history. From pre-Roman times to the present day there have been vines growing in Britain. The history section of the website outlines a bit more about this long and fruitful development. 


Detailed figures are available showing the following information:

  • Vineyard and Winery numbers
  • Hectares of Vineyards
  • Hectolitres of Wine Produced
  • Yields
  • Top 20 Grape Varietal Plantings

(All figures sourced from The Wine Standards Board) 

Grape Varieties

A listing of the the most popular white and red grape varieties grown in the UK 


Details of current publications containing further information about English Vineyards, Wines and the UK Wine Industry, including details on how to order your free personal copy of the Map of the Vineyards of England & Wales. 

Legislation & Labelling

A summary of the key rules and regulations affecting English Wine production and marketing in the UK