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English Wine Industry | Statistics, Facts & Figures

Key Facts 2015 (based on 2014 data)

Number of Vineyards:470
Average Size of Vineyard:4.3 Hectares
Annual Production (2014):6.3m bottles
Total Hectarage under vine:2,000+ Hectares
Number of Wineries:135

Statistics from the Wine Standards Board (1975 - 2013)

Download the summary of official statistics showing the following key figures:

  • Vineyard Numbers
  • Average Vineyard Size
  • Number of Wineries
  • Total Production
  • White & Red Wine Production
  • Hectares under vine
  • Hectares in production
  • Yields 

Grape Varieties Planted in the UK

The Top Three

Grape VarietyHectares% of Total UK Vine Plantings
Pinot Noir32322.47%

The Full List