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Who are English Wine Producers?

The Marketing Body For English Wines


     Julia Trustram Eve
        Marketing Director 


English Wine Producers (EWP) is the marketing arm of the UK wine industry.

Its work and role in marketing and promoting English wines and vineyards complements the legislative, technical and official work the UKVA undertakes for English wines. Originally formed by a few of England’s leading independent producers for the purpose of promoting their wines to the trade, media and consumer, EWP now retains a sizeable membership of different vineyards, who all share the same aim to promote English wines to a wide audience. EWP’s members represent over three-quarters of England’s total wine production, so are a major force within the its wine industry. EWP is now also supported by the UKVA, which enables more generic work to be developed, and with whom EWP work closely.

The forming of an association to promote English wines came at a time of increasing interest in what England was producing, as new winemakers, winning styles and commercial quantities were introduced to and noticed by the wine trade and wine writers, and in turn wine drinkers. EWP members can exhibit their wines under one banner, enabling buyers to taste an extensive selection of wines, and showing that England too can compete on quality, price and availability.

There are four main areas of EWP’s work:

Firstly, information access: EWP is the useful central contact point for information on all aspects of English wines, from contact details or information on vineyards and wines. This information service is for the benefit of the wine consumer as well as wine writers and merchants. Related to this is the EWP website: englishwineproducers.com was set up in 2000 as the industry’s official website. It is a source of up to date information on vineyards, wines, news, English wine events and many other aspects of English wines generally.

Secondly, events and promotion of its members: once a year EWP organises a trade tasting to which wine writers and trade buyers are invited to taste the largest range of latest wines from EWP member vineyards. This ensures more coverage of English wines, and puts writers and buyers in direct contact with vineyards. EWP works with UKVA on their annual competition and other industry events which attracts interest from the wine press. There are a number of English wine-related events and activities for the wine consumer that take place throughout the year that involve EWP.

Thirdly, keeping the wine press and other important groups updated with news and information on English wine and vineyards, with press releases and regular dialogue. We also supply information and wines to wine educators to assist with obtaining a good selection of English wines when talking to wine groups around the country.

Fourthly, Co-ordination and promotion of English Wine Week: every year, usually in the last week of May, EWP co-ordinates English Wine Week. Vineyards, wine retailers, hotels, bars and restaurants across the country take part and offer tours, tastings and special offers to promote English wines to consumers.

Importantly, English Wine Producers is there to help with information about any aspects of English wine – we can be contacted by phone, fax, e-mail or through the website!