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What is the United Kingdom Vineyards Association?

The United Kingdom Vineyards Association, recognised by the government and the wider community as representing the English and Welsh wine industry.

The UK Vineyards Association is formed from six Regional Associations and a grouping of the larger producers in the UK. It is the organisation to which grape growers and winemakers belong in order to receive and share information on grape growing and winemaking, have a voice in Westminster and Brussels, and to promote their products. The UKVA is the UK Government recognised industry body (RIB), and as such has direct access to and contact with all official bodies connected to our industry, such as Defra, The Wine & Spirit Trade Association, and The Food Standards Agency.

We welcome all who are interested in grape and wine production in the UK, large or small producers, and those who do not produce but who wish to be involved and informed.

Members will belong to the appropriate Regional Association which provide contact and organise local events, meetings and competitions. The UKVA provides a number of events and activities at national level, which include:

  • The English & Welsh WIne of the Year Competition: the national competition for UK produced wines from fresh grapes, taking place each year in June. The wines are rigorously tasted by a team of Masters of Wine. The awards are presented at a prestigious ceremony in July. The results are well publicised nationally, and award stickers bear witness to the consumer that our wines live up to the world level expectations
  • Industry symposia, which take place annually, and cover topics on wine production and grape growing, presented by top speakers, as well as debates with the audience on current topics in the wine world
  • Regular bulletins to all its members outlining any up to date issues on legislation, and other news affecting the industry
  • Twice yearly industry magazine, The Grape Press, which includes technical articles and a directory of services and consultants available to the industry
  • Producing annually an up to date guide of approved sprays

The UKVA works closely with English Wine Producers, the marketing association for the industry, and is involved in events such as the annual trade and press tasting, taking place on or around St George’s Day each year, and English WIne Week a the end of May.

The UKVA is the only recognised voice of the industry. Our aim is to help growers and winemakers have confidence that their wines can compete on quality with whatever the world sends to these shores, and ensure that there is a demand for our wines at prices that are realistic in relation to production costs. If you have a mind to getting involved with vines and wines in the UK, please contact the UKVA office, (Email: robertc@ukva.org.uk) - we will do all that we can to help.

You can also find out more information about the UKVA and its services to members on our website: www.ukva.org.uk

Chairman - Sam Lindo

General Secretary - Jo Cowderoy

All enquiries to UKVA - please contact jo@ukva.org.uk