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English Wine Week

English Wine Week 2016 will take place between Saturday 28th May - Sunday 5th June.



English Wine Week is the ideal opportunity to promote English wines to your customers.  Over the Week, vineyards and outlets across the country will be highlighting English wines, including offering an opportunity to taste and get to know English wines better.

Whether you are a retailer, on trade or wholesaler, there has never been a better time to be involved in English Wine Week and make it a profitable part of your promotional activities.

Any activity doesn’t need to be costly – it just takes a little lateral thinking and a bit of organisation to come up with something that will attract new and existing customers and forge closer links with trade and/or vineyards. And it could attract some excellent publicity.

The more outlets that take part – the greater the collective impact it will create. It will help your sales, boost your marketing efforts and has the potential to raise your profile through local, regional and even national press.

EWP will help in any way we can:
- List any event/activity on our website, so that potential visitors and customers can find you easily - we will also write up some of the events in the news section and share through our social media channels.
- Liaising with media, and highlighting activities and outlets to them
- Supplying point of sale material
- Supplying vineyard maps
- Help with a press release 

Hundreds of outlets, both on- and off-trade, as well as vineyards are already participating and we hope you will too, and enjoy the positive impact it can have on your business. If you need more inspiration as to how you can get the most out of the week, please download the list of suggestions in our new Marketing Toolkit.


If you are participating, complete and submit our Participation Form to let us know what you're planning, get your activities posted on our Events page, and order your POS.  We do still have POS left, but some supplies are limited, so let us know your requirements and we'll send what we can.

If you have any queries, or would like to discuss further, please contact the English Wine Producers office, either by email or telephone 01536 772264.


Click here for our Marketing Toolkit

It's full of great ideas and tips on how to start planning and promoting your English Wines Week activities




You can still order your marketing materials, though stocks are now limited.  The following are still available:

      Bunting       Table cards/printable menu lists          Bottle-neck tags            Balloons       Stickers

We do now have limited availabiltiy of some items, so let us know which you would like and we will send what we can.  

These materials are designed to draw customers into your outlet, highlight your English wine range, promote your activities and, ultimately, drive increased sales.


We're happy to say that all POS will be provided free of charge to on-trade and off-trade.  For vineyards, POS can still be ordered, but will be charged at cost to cover production and postage of the items.  Email us and we can send a list of prices for individual items.


This year we're also giving you the opportunity to create, print and personalise your own marketing materials, by providing templates, examples and logos for you to download, customise and reproduce.  You can access these on our 'Create your own POS' page.


Our map of UK Vineyards is also available at a cost of £1 per copy, which can be used as part of an English wine display, given away as part of your promotions of sold (cover price £2.95).  Contact charlotte@englishwineproducers.com to order your copies.

The current list of English Wine Week activities can be found on the dedicated English Wine Week Events page

View and download our report of English Wine Week 2015