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A Deep Dive Into Red Wines of Austria

A Deep Dive Into Red Wines of Austria

Are you ready to embark on a journey through the rich and flavorful world of Austrian red wines? Get ready to discover the hidden gems that await, as we take a deep dive into the vibrant vineyards of Austria. From Blauburgunder to Blauer Portugieser, each varietal offers its own unique twist on taste. So, grab a glass and join us as we uncork the secrets behind these captivating reds. You won’t want to miss a sip of this adventure!

Red Wine Varieties Planted in Austrian Vineyards

You’ll find a variety of red wine grapes planted in Austrian vineyards, including Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir), Blauer Portugieser, Blauer Wildbacher, Blaufränkisch, and Cabernet Franc. Austria is known for its exceptional red wines, and these varieties contribute to the country’s reputation as a producer of high-quality red wine. The diverse range of grape varieties allows Austrian winemakers to create wines with unique flavors and characteristics. From the elegant and fruity Pinot Noir to the bold and spicy Blaufränkisch, each variety offers something different for wine enthusiasts. Whether you prefer a lighter-bodied wine or a full-bodied one, you can find it in Austrian vineyards. So if you’re looking to explore the world of red wine, Austria is definitely worth exploring.

Production and Characteristics of Red Wine Varieties

Explore the production and characteristics of different red wine varieties in Austria. Austrian red wine is known for its diverse range of grape varieties and unique characteristics. The production of red wine in Austria includes well-known varieties such as Blauburgunder (Pinot Noir), Blauer Portugieser, Blauer Wildbacher, Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Ráthay, Roesler, Rosenmuskateller, and Sankt Laurent. Each variety has its own distinct flavor profile and characteristics. For example, Cabernet Sauvignon offers flavors of blackcurrant, cedar, and tobacco; Syrah showcases notes of blackberry, pepper, and smoked meat; and Zweigelt delivers a flavor profile of cherry, blackberry, and spice. With a total area under vine for red wine production reaching over 13 thousand hectares in Austria alone, the country has established itself as a prominent producer of high-quality red wines with unique characteristics that cater to various palates.

Total Area Under Vine for Red Wine Production in Austria

Take a look at the total area under vine in Austria for the production of red wine varieties. The total area under vine for all red wine varieties in Austria is 13,235.60 hectares, which accounts for 30.4% of the total area under vine. This shows the significant importance and focus on red wine production in Austria. The country has dedicated specific regions and grape varieties to produce high-quality red wines, such as Blaufränkisch, St. Laurent, Zweigelt, and Pinot Noir (Blauburgunder). These grapes thrive in different regions with diverse soil types and microclimates, resulting in unique flavor profiles and characteristics. Austrian red wines have gained recognition worldwide for their elegance, balance, and distinct regional expressions. From juicy and spicy Blaufränkisch to cherry-charming Zweigelt, these red wines showcase the diversity and excellence of Austrian winemaking.

Blaufränkisch: Austria’s Archetypal Red Grape

Blaufränkisch is Austria’s archetypal red grape, known for its juicy and spicy characteristics. This versatile grape thrives in different regions of Austria, including Burgenland, Leithaberg, Eisenberg, and Mittelburgenland. Blaufränkisch wines have a wide flavor profile ranging from tart plum and cherry to rich blueberry, with an alluring hint of white pepper. The grape’s balanced acidity adds brightness to the wines. It is no wonder that Blaufränkisch has gained recognition both locally and internationally.

To give you a taste of the red wines of Austria, here is a table showcasing some notable Blaufränkisch producers:

Roland VelichMoric Alte Reben Blaufränkisch (Burgenland)
Uwe SchieferEisenberg DAC Reserve Blaufränkisch (Eisenberg)
Hans NittnausHOMMAGE Carnuntum DAC Reserve Blaufränkisch (Carnuntum)
Gernot HeinrichPannobile Red Blend (Burgenland)

These winemakers have mastered the art of crafting exceptional Blaufränkisch wines that showcase the unique terroir and character of Austria’s red wine industry. So why not explore the world of Austrian red wines and experience the delights that Blaufränkisch has to offer?

St. Laurent: The Tricky and Savory Red Grape

Discover the unique challenges and distinctive savory flavors of St. Laurent, Austria’s tricky red grape. St. Laurent is a grape that requires specific conditions and careful canopy management to thrive. It is known for its darker fruit aromas reminiscent of sour cherry and blackberry, as well as its distinct savoriness, fresh acidity, and firm tannins. Here are some key points about St. Laurent:

  • Tricky to cultivate due to specific requirements
  • Darker fruit aromas with a hint of savoriness
  • Requires cool breezes, cold nights, and well-ventilated sites
  • Yields can be unstable and harvesting requires a selective approach

Despite the challenges associated with growing St. Laurent, winemakers like Johannes Trapl have found ways to successfully produce wines that showcase the grape’s unique characteristics. These wines often exhibit layered aromatics, floral depth, and structured palates. If you enjoy Pinot Noir or are looking for something new and exciting in Austrian red wines, give St. Laurent a try.

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Zweigelt: Austria’s Most Widely Planted Red Variety

Zweigelt, Austria’s most widely planted red variety, delivers a range of styles from simple and unoaked to concentrated and nuanced, always showcasing its cherry charm. This versatile Austrian red wine is known for its fruity, fresh, and soft character, making it a highly drinkable and enjoyable choice. Some producers take Zweigelt to a more serious level by creating wines from single sites that highlight its robustness and pepperiness. Furthermore, Zweigelt serves as the foundation for the wines of Neusiedlersee DAC and Carnuntum’s regional red known as Rubin Carnuntum. In Neusiedlersee, you can expect dark cherry notes in Zweigelt, while lighter soils produce brighter cherry flavors with hints of black pepper. With its wide range of styles and characteristic charm, Zweigelt remains an essential player in the world of Austrian red wines.

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