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Gangnam Glamour Unveiling the Best Salons in the Heart of Seoul's Stylish District

Gangnam Glamour: Unveiling the Best Salons in the Heart of Seoul’s Stylish District

There are so many beautiful places on the planet. But very few are as stylish or as trendy as Gangnam. Most people in the western world will know about Gangnam from the popular song ‘Gangnam Style.’ But very few of these people actually know where it is, or what it is all about.

Gangnam is a district in Seoul, South Korea. And Gangnam is most famous for being one of the most affluent and stylish districts in, not only South Korea, but the world. It is filled to the brim with trendy restaurants and bars. It has a number of beautiful museums and tourist attractions. But the main draw, in our mind, is the amazing shopping scene. Gangnam is filled to the brim with shops and salons for every taste and style. Today we are going to be looking at the best Salons in Gangnam.

Jenny House

Founded back in 2002, Jenny House is one of the most popular hair salons in Gangnam. Located not too far from the river, the salon is extremely popular amongst some of the biggest stars in South Korea, including people like Park Shinhye and the popular K-pop band PENTAGON. The salon’s staff are experts at their trade. Able to work wonders on your hair and have you leaving feeling like a brand new person.

Jenny House is also a popular cosmetics brand. In the salon they use and sell all of their own products, which are all eco-friendly. So you can take home some of the magic with you when you leave. And don’t worry about language barriers either. Jenny House has translators on site at all times.

Gangnam Play Shirt Room

Located in the heart of the district, Gangnam Play Shirt Room is one of the most popular shirt rooms. If you aren’t aware, a Gangnam shirt room is an adult only entertainment salon. The services offered by shirt rooms does vary from location to location, but the goal is always to provide a relaxing entertainment experience for individuals or business parties.

The Play Shirt Room is one of the more elite shirt rooms in the city. Offering a wide range of packages including amazing food selections, private shopping experiences, car show room tours, and so much more. Staffed by a small army of some of the most stylish women in Gangnam, guests are guaranteed friendly service from start to finish.

The Play Shirt Room is only available to business parties, so if you’re looking for your next big business outing, this might be the palace for you.

Juno Hair

First opened way back in 1982, Juno Hair has become one of the most recognisable salon brands in Seoul. Over the years it has worked on a number of high-end clients, including some of the most popular K-pop stars in the world. The staff are knowledgeable and experts of their craft. And with so many locations around Seoul and South Korea, you are sure to be able to book a slot without any issues. If you really want a high-end experience, they have a premium location in Cheongdam, which is one of the neighborhoods within Gangnam.


If you have spent any time on TikTok in recent years, you may have seen a lot of influencers going to a particular salon in Gangnam named Overmars. Run by a prestigious London hair stylist, Overmars salon is one of the hottest locations in the city right now.

Overmars is a hair and make-up salon that offers a huge range of services to anyone and everyone. Having worked on a number of k-pop stars and celebrities over the years has earned Overmars a reputation for flair and style. So if you are looking for a lively and authentic Seoul look, this is the palace to go.


Another of the most popular salons in the city, Boboris is a salon and spa that offers its clients a relaxing salon experience that is second to none. Like many salons on this list, Boboris has a clientele list that includes some of Seoul’s biggest celebs. There are a huge range of services on offer, including full dye jobs and perms. And the price isn’t too eye watering considering the high quality service they provide.

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