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Online Wine Classes for Normal People To Expand Your Wine Knowledge

Online Wine Classes for Normal People To Expand Your Wine Knowledge

Did you know that you can expand your wine knowledge through online classes designed for normal people like you? If you’re a wine lover looking to learn more without the snobbery, Wine For Normal People is the perfect platform for you. Led by Elizabeth Schneider, a certified wine dork and Chief normal wine person, this resource offers a refreshing and relatable approach to wine education. With online courses, podcasts, and other free resources, Wine For Normal People makes learning about wine effortless and enjoyable. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned enthusiast, these classes provide a comprehensive and entertaining way to enhance your wine knowledge. Say goodbye to pretentiousness and join the thousands of wine lovers who have already benefited from Wine For Normal People’s approach.

Wine For Normal People: A Different Approach

Discovering the world of wine through Wine For Normal People’s relatable and entertaining approach can change your wine life for the better. Wine For Normal People offers a different approach to wine appreciation, focusing on making it accessible and free from snobbery. With their podcasts, videos, maps, and other resources, they aim to make learning about wine effortless, entertaining, and fun.

One of the key aspects of Wine For Normal People is their emphasis on wine tasting techniques. They provide practical tips and guidance on how to taste wine, helping you develop your palate and appreciate the nuances of different varietals. Their approach is informative and engaging, making it easy for anyone to learn and enjoy.

In addition to wine appreciation, Wine For Normal People also explores wine regions and wine culture. They delve into the history, traditions, and unique characteristics of different wine regions around the world. Whether it’s Bordeaux, Napa Valley, or Rioja, they provide insights that deepen your understanding and appreciation of these regions and their wines.

Furthermore, Wine For Normal People also touches on the wine business, offering insights into the industry and how it operates. They discuss topics such as wine production, distribution, and marketing, giving you a well-rounded view of the wine world.

Wine Education Opportunities

Explore wine education opportunities with Wine For Normal People to expand your wine knowledge. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just starting your wine journey, there are various ways to enhance your understanding and appreciation of wine. Here are four exciting opportunities to consider:

  • Online Tastings: Participate in virtual tastings to explore different wine regions and varietals from the comfort of your own home. These interactive sessions allow you to learn about wine tasting techniques and gain insights into specific wine styles.
  • Wine Regions: Dive into the world of wine regions through podcasts, videos, and online classes. Discover the unique characteristics of different wine-growing areas and how they influence the flavors and aromas of the wines produced there.
  • Wine and Food Pairings: Learn the art of pairing wine with food to elevate your dining experience. Discover the principles behind successful pairings and explore the nuances of flavor interactions between wine and different dishes.
  • Wine Industry Trends: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the wine industry. From sustainable winemaking practices to emerging wine regions, understanding industry trends can deepen your knowledge and appreciation of wine.

With Wine For Normal People, you can engage in these educational opportunities and take your wine knowledge to new heights. Whether you choose to participate in live online classes, listen to the podcast, or read the acclaimed book by Elizabeth Schneider, you’ll find a wealth of information to enhance your wine journey. So, why wait? Start exploring these wine education opportunities today and expand your wine knowledge in a fun and accessible way.

Testimonials From Wine for Normal People Students

If you’re looking for real feedback from students who have benefited from Wine for Normal People, you’ll be pleased to hear their testimonials. Students rave about the benefits they’ve gained from the classes, their favorite classes, the interactive learning experience, the community interactions, and the wine recommendations.

Many students have expressed the benefits they’ve received from taking the online wine classes with Wine for Normal People. They have found the classes to be fun, informational, and interactive. Students appreciate the unique and relatable approach that Wine for Normal People offers, allowing them to expand their wine knowledge without feeling intimidated by snobbery.

When it comes to favorite classes, students have mentioned a wide range of topics that they thoroughly enjoyed. From Sparkling Wine on a Budget to Wine Tasting Sensory Techniques, students have found these classes to be engaging and educational. The content is based on years of industry experience, well-researched content, and clear communication, ensuring that students receive a comprehensive wine education.

The learning experience with Wine for Normal People is highly praised by students. They appreciate the opportunity to taste different wines while taking the classes, which enhances their understanding and sensory skills. Students also enjoy experimenting with wine pairings and discovering the impact they have on the overall experience. The process of learning about wine through tasting is enjoyable and helps students retain the information better.

Community interactions play a significant role in the Wine for Normal People experience. Students love being part of a community of wine enthusiasts where they can ask questions, share their experiences, and learn from each other. The interactive live classes provide the opportunity to taste wine with Elizabeth Schneider herself and engage in real-time discussions. The sense of community fosters a supportive and inclusive learning environment.

Lastly, students value the wine recommendations they receive from Wine for Normal People. They appreciate the guidance and insights provided by Elizabeth Schneider, which help them make informed choices when it comes to purchasing and enjoying wine. Whether it’s finding budget-friendly options or exploring new wine regions, students trust the recommendations from Wine for Normal People.

Join the Wine For Normal People Patreon Community

To become a part of the Wine For Normal People Patreon community, simply sign up and start enjoying exclusive tips, articles, events, and videos. Here are some of the benefits you can expect as a member:

  • Exclusive content: Gain access to exclusive articles, videos, and tips that are not available to the general public. Dive deeper into the world of wine with insider knowledge and expertise.
  • Community interactions: Engage with a community of like-minded wine enthusiasts who share your passion. Connect with fellow members, ask questions, and share your own experiences and recommendations.
  • Personal recommendations: Receive personalized wine recommendations from Elizabeth Schneider herself. Get guidance on which wines to try, how to pair them, and where to find the best deals.
  • Class discounts: As a patron, you will enjoy discounts on Wine For Normal People’s live online classes. Expand your wine knowledge and skills with interactive classes led by Elizabeth, all while saving money.

Joining the Wine For Normal People Patreon community not only allows you to support the production of valuable wine content but also grants you access to exclusive benefits that will enhance your wine journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your wine knowledge to the next level. Sign up today and start enjoying all the perks of being a patron.

Online Wine Courses

You can expand your wine knowledge by enrolling in online wine courses. These courses offer a convenient and accessible way to learn about wine tasting techniques, grape varietals, wine regions, wine appreciation, and sensory analysis. Whether you are a beginner or a wine enthusiast looking to deepen your understanding, online wine courses provide a comprehensive education that fits your schedule and budget.

One option is the “Wine Tasting Sensory Techniques” course offered by UC Davis on Coursera. This 18-hour course teaches you professional sensory analysis of wine, helping you develop your tasting skills and understand the nuances of different wines.

Another course to consider is the “World of Wine: From Grape to Glass” offered by the University of Adelaide in Australia through EdX. This course explores the journey of wine from vine to bottle, covering topics such as viticulture, winemaking, and wine appreciation.

For those looking for a shorter introductory course, Aldi offers the “Aldiploma” which covers wine varietals and styles. This course is a great starting point for beginners who want to learn the basics of wine.

If you prefer a more in-depth experience, UC Davis offers a paid online winemaking class. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the winemaking process and is suitable for both beginners and those with prior knowledge.

In addition to these courses, there are also video series available that offer fun and approachable wine knowledge and appreciation content. Websites like Wine Folly, The Grape Explorer, V is for Vino, and Wine Masters provide interactive content on wine regions, varietals, tasting notes, and wine culture.

Podcasts are another great resource for wine education. The Guild of Sommeliers and Levi Dalton’s “I’ll Drink to That!” podcast feature interviews with industry experts, while the “Wine for Normal People” podcast provides comprehensive wine content for everyday wine lovers. “Interpreting Wine” is a podcast that focuses on wine and hospitality internationally, offering insights from industry professionals.

For those looking for free options, Sonoma State University offers a paid online wine business certification program, while Wine Spectator offers paid online wine classes. Udemy also provides a paid online course on wine appreciation with Jancis Robinson.

Video Series

Explore a variety of fun and approachable video series that will expand your wine knowledge even further:

  • Wine Folly: Dive into the world of wine with Wine Folly, a website and community that offers engaging and accessible content. Learn about wine regions, varietals, tasting notes, and more through their informative videos.
  • The Grape Explorer: Immerse yourself in the world of wine regions, varietals, and tasting notes with The Grape Explorer. This channel provides interactive quizzes and showcases the diversity of wines from around the globe.
  • V is for Vino: Embark on a journey to explore wine culture around the world with V is for Vino. This independently produced video series delves into the stories behind the wines, the people who make them, and the unique aspects of each wine region.
  • Wine Masters: Take your wine education to the next level with the paid online video series, Wine Masters. Join renowned wine personalities as they explore the world of wine, delving into different regions, varietals, and the rich history and traditions that shape wine culture.

These video series provide an engaging and accessible way to expand your wine knowledge. Whether you want to learn about specific wine regions, discover new varietals, understand tasting notes, or delve into wine culture, these videos offer a wealth of information. So sit back, relax, and enjoy exploring the fascinating world of wine through these entertaining video series.


As you delve deeper into the world of wine, podcasts offer a convenient and informative way to expand your knowledge. Whether you’re looking for wine recommendations, wine tasting techniques, information on wine regions, wine and food pairings, or insights into wine industry trends, there are podcasts out there that cater to your interests.

Podcasts like “Wine for Normal People” provide comprehensive wine content for everyday wine lovers. Hosted by Elizabeth Schneider, a certified wine dork, this podcast offers a relatable and entertaining approach to learning about wine. You can expect to find episodes that cover a wide range of topics, from exploring different wine regions to discussing the latest trends in the wine industry.

Listening to podcasts allows you to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule. You can listen while commuting, doing chores, or even while enjoying a glass of wine. Many podcasts also feature interviews with experts in the field, giving you access to their knowledge and insights.

Other Free Online Wine Education Options

Discover additional resources for free online wine education. Here are some options to further expand your knowledge:

  • Sonoma State University Online Wine Business Certification: This paid online certification program delves into the intricacies of the wine business, covering topics such as marketing, finance, and management. It is ideal for those looking to gain a deeper understanding of the wine industry from a business perspective.
  • Wine Spectator Online Wine Classes: Wine Spectator offers paid online wine classes that cover a wide range of topics, including wine regions, grape varieties, and tasting techniques. These classes are taught by industry experts and provide a comprehensive education in wine appreciation.
  • Udemy Mastering Wine with Jancis Robinson: This paid online course, led by renowned wine expert Jancis Robinson, explores the world of wine and guides you through the intricacies of wine tasting, grape varieties, and food pairings. It is a fantastic option for those who want to learn from one of the most respected voices in the industry.
  • Napa Valley Rocks: This free online course, offered by Napa Vintners, takes you on a journey through the famed Napa Valley. You will learn about the region’s terroir, history, and winemaking techniques. It is a great opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for one of the most celebrated wine regions in the world.
  • Spanish Wine Specialist: The ICEX-OCEX offers a comprehensive course on Spanish wine production, covering topics such as grape varieties, wine regions, and winemaking techniques. This course is perfect for wine enthusiasts who want to explore the rich and diverse world of Spanish wines.

These resources provide a range of options for furthering your wine education, whether you’re interested in the business side of wine, want to learn from industry experts, or explore specific wine regions and specialties. It’s never been easier to expand your wine knowledge and enhance your appreciation for the world of wine.

Additional Resources

Check out some extra resources to further enhance your wine education. In addition to the online courses, video series, and podcasts mentioned earlier, there are several other resources available to expand your knowledge and appreciation of wine. Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

Bevedu.comA website offering insights into the world of wine.
Paid Online Wine CoursesVarious paid online wine courses and video series that provide in-depth education on wine topics.
Expert EditorialA section on the website that showcases the credentials and contact information of the authors.
Comments SectionA space for readers to leave comments and ask questions about the content.
AkismetA spam reduction system used on the website to ensure a smooth user experience.

These resources offer different perspectives and additional information to support your wine education journey. Whether you’re interested in exploring the business side of wine, learning from renowned experts like Jancis Robinson, or delving into specific wine regions like Sonoma State or Napa Valley, these resources provide valuable insights and knowledge. Take advantage of these additional resources to deepen your understanding and appreciation of wine. Cheers to expanding your wine knowledge!

Enhancing the Learning Experience

To enhance your wine education, incorporate tasting wine while taking the courses to deepen your understanding and sensory skills. Here are some ways you can enhance your learning experience:

  • Experiment with different tasting techniques to train your palate and develop a greater appreciation for the nuances of wine.
  • Explore wine pairings to understand how different flavors interact and complement each other, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Develop your sensory skills by tasting a variety of wines, paying attention to the aromas, flavors, and textures present in each glass.
  • Look for related wines to the courses you are studying, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge and compare different styles and regions.

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