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Top Zinfandel Wines Producers You Need To Know

Top Zinfandel Wines Producers You Need To Know

Do you crave the bold and delicious flavors of Zinfandel? Look no further! In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top Zinfandel wine producers that are making waves in the industry. These winemakers have perfected the art of crafting rich and robust Zinfandels, with notes of dark and red fruits, finishing spice, and tobacco. So, whether you’re a seasoned Zin lover or just starting to explore this varietal, get ready to discover the best Zinfandel wines that will tantalize your taste buds.

Saucelito Canyon and Bill & Tom Greenough

You should try Saucelito Canyon’s nuanced Zinfandels crafted by Bill & Tom Greenough, who founded the winery in 1974 after discovering forgotten vines planted in 1880. Saucelito Canyon is a renowned zinfandel winery that produces exceptional red zinfandel wine. Zinfandel wine is known for its rich and bold flavor profile, with notes of dark and red fruits like blackberries, raspberries, and cherries. It is a versatile wine that pairs well with proteins like lamb and pork, as well as rich cheeses and hearty vegetables. Saucelito Canyon’s zinfandel wines are made from grapes grown in some of the oldest blocks in North America and are a true representation of California’s viticultural heritage. If you’re looking to experience the essence of zinfandel wine, Saucelito Canyon is where you should start.

Joe Shebl and Renwood Winery

Joe Shebl, the director of winemaking and general manager of Renwood Winery, believes in finding the best sites to let the fruit show through in the resulting wine. At Renwood Winery, they are known for their exceptional Zinfandel wines. Shebl’s passion for Zinfandel is evident in his emphasis on freshness, vitality, and drinkability. He understands that Zinfandel is a versatile red wine with notes of dark and red fruits like blackberries, raspberries, and cherries. With grapes sourced from some of the oldest vines in California, Renwood’s Zinfandels offer bold and delicious flavor profiles blended with finishing spice and tobacco. If you’re looking for a great value wine that showcases the true essence of Zinfandel, Renwood Winery should be at the top of your list.

Bob Biale and Robert Biale Vineyards

If you’re looking for exceptional Zinfandel wines, Bob Biale and Robert Biale Vineyards should be on your radar. Bob Biale, the founder of Robert Biale Vineyards, is known for making knockout single-vineyard Zinfandels. One of their notable plots is Aldo Vineyard, which was planted in 1937 and remains dedicated to Zinfandel. Inspired by his father’s persistence in producing Zinfandel, Biale sees it as not only an ideal wine grape for Napa Valley but also a symbol of immigrant heritage and American winemaking. With their focus on quality and craftsmanship, the team at Robert Biale Vineyards consistently produces outstanding Zinfandels that showcase the unique character of each vineyard site. Don’t miss out on experiencing the bold flavors and rich history that these wines have to offer.

Tegan Passalacqua and Turley Wine Cellars

When it comes to exceptional Zinfandel wines, Tegan Passalacqua and Turley Wine Cellars are worth exploring. Here are three reasons why:

  1. Passionate Winemaker: Tegan Passalacqua is both the winemaker and vineyard manager for Turley Wine Cellars. His passion for showcasing the unique characteristics of each vineyard site is evident in the quality of their single-vineyard Zinfandels.
  2. Focus on Old Vines: Turley Wine Cellars places a strong emphasis on working with old vines, some dating back to the late 1800s. These vines produce grapes with depth and complexity, resulting in wines that are rich and full-bodied.
  3. Minimal Intervention: Passalacqua’s winemaking approach involves minimal intervention to allow the vineyard to express itself fully. This results in Zinfandels that capture the essence of their terroir and exhibit a true sense of place.

Exploring the wines from Tegan Passalacqua and Turley Wine Cellars will undoubtedly be a rewarding experience for any Zinfandel enthusiast.

Morgan Twain-Peterson and Bedrock Wine Co

Explore the wines crafted by Morgan Twain-Peterson and Bedrock Wine Co for a taste of their balanced, elegant, and character-driven winemaking style. With a focus on preserving California’s viticultural history, Morgan Twain-Peterson, winemaker and owner of Bedrock Wine Co., works with vineyards that have a rich heritage and unique terroir. The result is heritage vineyard Zinfandels that showcase the vineyard’s character while maintaining a sense of balance and elegance. Twain-Peterson’s dedication to old vineyards and his meticulous winemaking approach shine through in every bottle. From vibrant red fruit flavors to nuanced spice notes, Bedrock’s Zinfandels offer a truly memorable drinking experience. Indulge in these exceptional wines that pay homage to California’s wine heritage while delivering exceptional quality and taste.

Jake Bilbro and Limerick Lane

Jake Bilbro, the owner of Limerick Lane, has established a historic brand and vineyard in the Russian River Valley. To understand why Limerick Lane is worth knowing, here are three reasons:

  1. Rich Heritage: Limerick Lane’s roots date back to 1910 when it was first planted with Zinfandel vines. The estate has been meticulously maintained and continues to produce exceptional wines that showcase the terroir of the region.
  2. Award-Winning Wines: Limerick Lane has gained recognition for its outstanding Zinfandels and other varietals. The wines consistently receive high scores from critics and have won numerous prestigious awards.
  3. Sustainable Practices: Jake Bilbro is dedicated to sustainable farming practices at Limerick Lane. The vineyard utilizes organic and biodynamic principles, ensuring the health of the land and producing wines that reflect their natural surroundings.

With its rich history, award-winning wines, and commitment to sustainability, Limerick Lane stands out as one of the top Zinfandel producers you need to know.

Scott Harvey and His Zinfandels

Scott Harvey, a veteran winemaker, has crafted exceptional Zinfandels for nearly 45 years. His expertise and passion for winemaking have resulted in the production of outstanding wines that showcase the unique characteristics of the Zinfandel grape. Harvey’s commitment to quality is evident in every bottle he produces.

WinemakerWineryNotable Zinfandel
Scott HarveyScott Harvey WinesVineyard 1869
Mountain Selection
J&S Reserve

At Scott Harvey Wines, you can expect to find vineyard-specific Zinfandels that highlight the terroir of each site. The Vineyard 1869 is particularly noteworthy, sourced from one of California’s oldest vineyards planted in that year. With its rich flavors and elegant structure, it exemplifies the excellence that Scott Harvey brings to his craft.

With decades of experience under his belt, Scott Harvey continues to push the boundaries of what can be achieved with Zinfandel wines. His dedication and unwavering commitment to producing exceptional wines make him a true master in the world of winemaking.

Robert Henson and Peachy Canyon Winery

Robert Henson, winemaker for Peachy Canyon Winery, explores how Zinfandel can translate the terroir of the family’s five estate vineyards. Here are three ways he achieves this:

  1. Sustainable Farming Practices: Henson believes that sustainable farming practices play a crucial role in expressing the unique characteristics of each vineyard. By focusing on organic and biodynamic methods, he ensures that the grapes reflect their natural environment.
  2. Small-Lot Production: To capture the essence of each vineyard block, Henson practices small-lot production. This allows him to vinify and age wines separately before blending them together, showcasing their individual qualities.
  3. Minimal Intervention: Henson believes in minimal intervention winemaking. He allows the grapes to fully express themselves without excessive manipulation or additives, resulting in wines that truly reflect the terroir of each estate vineyard.

Through these techniques, Robert Henson creates Zinfandels that are authentic representations of Peachy Canyon’s diverse terroir.

Zinfandel Producers in Sonoma County

When exploring Sonoma County, don’t miss the exceptional Zinfandel offerings from these talented winemakers. Here are five producers who consistently craft outstanding Zinfandels that showcase the unique terroir of the region:

Saucelito Canyon and Bill & Tom Greenough– Known for crafting nuanced Zinfandels
  • Founded in 1974 after discovering forgotten Zinfandel vines planted in 1880.
  • Produces about 5,000 cases of Zinfandel wines each year.
  • Focuses on determining grapes’ sugar content at harvest to ensure good fermentation and avoid high alcohols. |
    | Joe Shebl and Renwood Winery | – Director of winemaking and general manager at Renwood Winery
  • One of the biggest and best Zinfandel producers in Amador County and Sierra Foothills
  • Emphasizes freshness, vitality, and drinkability in their Zinfandels |
    | Bob Biale and Robert Biale Vineyards | – Makes knockout single-vineyard Zinfandels
  • Notable plot: Aldo Vineyard planted in 1937 dedicated to Zinfandel
  • Sees Zinfandel as a symbol of immigrant heritage and American winemaking |
    | Tegan Passalacqua and Turley Wine Cellars | – Winemaker and vineyard manager for Turley Wine Cellars
  • Known for its single-vineyard Zinfandels from old vines dating back to late 1800s.
  • Minimal intervention approach to let the vineyard express itself |
    | Morgan Twain-Peterson and Bedrock Wine Co. | – Owner/winemaker at Bedrock Wine Co.
  • Known for heritage vineyard Zinfandels preserving California’s viticultural history
  • Focuses on balance, elegance, showcasing vineyard’s character |

These winemakers are dedicated to producing exceptional Zinfandels that truly represent Sonoma County. Be sure to explore their offerings and experience the unique flavors and characteristics of Sonoma County Zinfandel.

Hospices De Beaune Auction and Its Prestigious Wines

The Hospices de Beaune auction is known for its prestigious wines and charitable cause. Here are three reasons why this auction is a must-know event in the wine world:

  1. Unique Wines: The auction features a wide range of wines from different vintages and appellations. From rare Burgundy wines to exquisite Bordeaux blends, there’s something for every wine lover.
  2. Charitable Cause: The funds raised from the auction go towards supporting the Hospices de Beaune hospital. By participating in this event, you not only get to enjoy exceptional wines but also contribute to a worthy cause.
  3. International Appeal: The auction attracts international buyers and collectors who are passionate about fine wines. It’s an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and expand your network in the wine industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out on your wine journey, the Hospices de Beaune auction offers an unforgettable experience filled with exceptional wines and philanthropy.

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Remírez De Ganuzas and Their Pioneering Wines

Remírez de Ganuzas is renowned for their innovative winemaking techniques, and their wines have received critical acclaim. If you’re looking to explore unique and pioneering wines, here are three reasons why Remírez de Ganuzas should be on your radar:

  1. Sustainable Practices: Remírez de Ganuzas prioritizes sustainability in their winemaking process. They employ organic and biodynamic practices to ensure the health of the vineyards and surrounding ecosystems.
  2. Terroir Expression: The winery focuses on showcasing the distinct characteristics of their vineyard sites. They believe that each terroir has its own story to tell, and they strive to capture that essence in every bottle.
  3. Commitment to Tradition: While embracing innovation, Remírez de Ganuzas also respects traditional winemaking methods. They combine modern techniques with a deep understanding of the region’s history to create wines that honor their heritage.

With their commitment to sustainability, terroir expression, and tradition, Remírez de Ganuzas offers a truly exceptional wine experience worth exploring.

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